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First game I've seen with this cool level generation! The maze is awesome dude
Also the combat system feels very simple and fair. The enemies feel pretty fair too, some might walk a little bit too fast but maybe I just suck :D

If you could check out my game in return that would be very nice but don't feel like you have to!


nice game , would fix the enemies so they will attack only when your player is seen and not behind the wall .


bro, I found a bug. When you get close to the wall, mobs can kill through the wall


Think of it as a FEATURE.


navigation didn't worked for me in Opera GX browser.


Great game, only problems are the sound of the players bullets. Also maybe mix up the enemies a bit more, they seem pretty similar


i still don't understand what this has to do with holes


I updated the player to shoot black holes instead of bullets.


good job

Just got free today from University work. Found this while I was trying to gather some motivation. The maze generation is Amazing. Keep working on this game.


* I should be working on my game * 


Thanks for the feedback! Good luck on your game!


very good game

Really nice game! I got 36 in my first try. Just wondering, how exactly does this relate to holes?

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You can think of the map as a big hole that you are exploring. 

*I also updated it so that the player shoots black holes

I played with auto clicker and I shot a 1000 bullets in 1 second but good game