Instructions in options menu. 

Since there are tons of places where the marbles can get stuck, click to explode.

Update: Added the track editor, where you can make custom tracks. WebGL does not support copying / pasting, so importing and exporting only works on the downloadable version. I highly recommend reading all of the instructions (located in the options menu) before attempting to try it.

Inspired by Algodoo marble races.

Music by Audio Red (YouTube channel)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, algodoo, Funny, Generator, marble, Pixel Art, race, random, Relaxing, Unity


MarbleRaceGenerator 43 MB
Source Code 499 MB

Install instructions

To get working, extract all and then run the application.


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im back after 3 years or what..


Bet this could be used to mock up a garapon/Japanese lottery wheel.

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great game! :)

hold right side of the mouse.(EpicProgrammerGamer)

I'm confused, how do I move the camera?


Can you try this, M to place a marble.

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What is Source Code?

How to create a moving block?



How do you make it so when you press start it plays your track

In the settings, click on the button that says “all tracks” and it will change to “custom tracks only” which will only generate the race with the custom tracks!

i play it with my favourite music lol

how do you?: 

  • release marbles?
  • load from different device?
  • save to account?
  • change start/end block

please reply like this   <please help
r.m.: ???l.f.d.d.: ???s.t.a.: ???
c.s./.e.b.: ???emptyLINK \|/

please reply A.S.A.P.

please reply...

release marbles by pressing space

Try the GitHub version (link in comments)

This version has export and import which allows you to save tracks as text, like a save code. 

The start/ end block is required for each track

Hope that helps!

How do you place marbles?

try pressing the scroll wheel down on the mouse, or pressing with three fingers on a trackpad!


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how to place another block?

i demand you to reply me


press “c” on the keyboard to create a block!

pls make a move block

I follow u

nice game the first for me is blue

why the teleporter doesn´t work?

Every start teleporter has to have an end teleporter to send the marbles to. Try adding an end teleporter!

even with the final teleporter it still doesn´t work

How is it possible to make the other spinner revolve around the center like the earth revolves around the sun?

There is an invisible spinner that it is attached to (:


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how to make invisible spinner (:

nice update


how do i make an area that vanishes for the marbles to start

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The newer version of this game is hosted on my GitHub:

The GitHub version fixed a lot of bugs and has support for the import and export features. Thanks!

Deleted 1 year ago
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yes, this is a problem with the webGL version. If you can’t get the desktop version, try a newer version on my GitHub:

This new version has support for the import and export features. 

How do you test your Marble Race?

Go into settings and click on the green button! This will make it so that only your tracks will be generated. 

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could you add explosive blocks that trigger an explosion with an adjustable power when touched?

Hmmm, good idea!

buggy but bro, its a unity game 

how to create a gun?


it was fun but how can i find 1 that is countryes marble rac

is there any way to move the camera?

Right click and drag!


This is amazing! thanks for this!


Thanks :)

your welcome! I haven't been here a lot and it means o lot to have a comment. But to me, this is such a good game, and randoms are hard to make-at least that's what they told me...





I don't get to PLAY


whenever I hit play it just shows a dead Square Face and I am assuming that it crashed!!!

probably so, this could be caused by a html5 update. Sorry. 

can u fix it?

i cant even release the marbles

does it take long to load the track editor or if the track editor folder is extracted where will it be placed

The track editor is a scene in Unity, and the  data for each track is stored in a static class called DataTransfer.